With a state this large, there’s lots to know. We’ve got the basics for you here: driving safety; Massachusetts holidays; sales, hotel and meal taxes; and applicable state laws.


  • The speed limit on most major highways in Massachusetts is 65 mph/104 km; some sections are 55 mph/88 km.
  • 虽然大多数班.S. driver’s licenses are acceptable, it’s best to bring an international driver’s license.
  • State law requires all vehicle occupants to wear seat belts.
  • When entering a rotary intersection, yield to any vehicle already in the rotary.
  • A right turn on red at a traffic signal is permitted after coming to a full stop and yielding to pedestrians and other traffic, unless a “No Turn on Red” sign is posted.
  • To ensure your safety and that of others on the road, Massachusetts strictly enforces its drunk driving law.


  • 火警,警察,救护车:911
  • 州警察:(508)820-2300, *SP from a wireless phone in eastern Massachusetts, 马萨诸塞州西部的MSP.
  • 高速公路援助
  • HELP (Highway Emergency Locator Patrol) vans and tow trucks patrol major highways throughout the state, 提供免费路边援助. Twenty-two routes are covered during commuting hours in the Boston, Worcester and Springfield areas.
  • Fast Lane Pass: Sign up for your FREE FAST LANE transponder today. FAST LANE is the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority’s Electronic Toll Collection Program. FAST LANE is operational on the Turnpike, 萨姆纳和泰德·威廉姆斯隧道, 和托宾纪念桥. FAST LANE can also be used anywhere E-ZPass is accepted.

For a list of Visitors Centers in Massachusetts, 点击这里


Massachusetts celebrates the following national, state and local holidays. Banks and municipal buildings will be closed on many of these dates. Contact individual businesses for information about holiday schedules.


  • 1月1日——元旦
  • Third Monday in January – Martin Luther King Jr. 一天
  • Third Monday in February – Presidents’ 一天
  • March 17 (Boston only) – Evacuation 一天
  • 4月的第三个星期一——爱国者日
  • 五月的最后一个星期一——阵亡将士纪念日
  • June 17 (Boston only) – Bunker Hill 一天
  • 6月19日- 6月14日
  • 7月4日——独立日
  • 9月的第一个星期一——劳动节
  • 十月的第二个星期一——哥伦布日
  • 11月11日——退伍军人节
  • Fourth Thursday in November – Thanksgiving
  •  12月25日——圣诞节

To find out more about holiday events in Massachusetts, check out our 假期节.


A 6.25% state sales tax is applied to all items except non-restaurant food and clothing under $175.

A 6.25% state sales tax is applied to all alcoholic beverages sold at retail.

A 6.25% state meals tax is applied to restaurant and take-out meals.


酒店客房国家税率为5.7% (8.45% in Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, Chicopee, Springfield and West Springfield.)

A local option rooms tax of up to 6% may be applied.

欲了解更多信息,请访问 质量.gov /金龟子


  • All vehicle occupants must wear safety belts. Children must be properly secured in child safety seats until they are age eight, unless they are more than 57 inches in height.
  • Bicycle safety: All bicycle riders are urged to wear helmets. State law requires that children under 12 must wear a bicycle helmet; that child passengers between one and four years old or 40 pounds or under in weight be carried in an approved baby seat; and that no child under the age of one ride as a passenger on a bicycle.
  • Vehicles from either direction must stop and remain stopped while the front and rear lights of school buses are flashing, except when approaching from the opposite direction on a divided highway.
  • Massachusetts recognizes official disability placards, stickers and plates from other states for parking for persons with disabilities.
  • The legal drinking age in Massachusetts is 21. 马萨诸塞州的驾照, 拉菲2登录注册酒ID, passport or military ID are required for alcohol purchases.
  • The unlicensed or unauthorized carrying of firearms is subject to a minimum compulsory jail sentence of one year. To obtain a Massachusetts gun license, call (617) 660-4780.


Massachusetts is in the Eastern Time Zone, five hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. From the first Saturday in March until the first Saturday in November, Massachusetts observes 一天light Savings Time, 时钟拨快一小时.
For meals, the recommended gratuity is 15 to 20 percent of your meal/bar bill. Some restaurants automatically add a gratuity for large groups. Other tips: 15 percent for a taxi; $1 to $1.50 per bag for airport porters and hotel staff.


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天气 & 气候

Summer temperatures vary from comfortable 70s F (low 20s C) to the 90s F (up to 35C). The fall season ranges from 50F to 70F (0-20C). Winter temperatures usually hover around freezing and sometimes lower.  年平均降雨量为44英寸.